vSOFT™, is a 64-bit operating system featuring a broadcast style user interface and searchable, centralized architecture that simplifies digital signage presentations.    The advanced media playback system manages multiple real-time media streams for every video display or digital signage in a sports, entertainment, retail, transportation or commercial venue.   Built as an open platform, vSOFT is customizable to meet each venue’s specific objectives, integrating various display and entertainment technology into one central location.

vSOFT was recognized as the best solution for large venues at infoCOMM !

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Powerful Engine / /
Operating displays in more than 40 venues

Feature uncompressed content

1:1 playback for all displays, including “Greater than-HD” screens

Low-latency clock handling

Allow for single operator control

Synchronize across multiple servers

Offer real-time backup and automated failover

Provide real-time sponsor recording across multiple displays

Unlimited expandability/integration of new technologies

4K ready

Real Time Affidavit System / /

Real time affidavit system tracks graphic clips run through ANC’s operating system

Reports generated by display

Reports generated by event or sponsor

Automated exposure reporting for sponsors meeting time requirements

Additional Sample Features / /
Schedule content all the time, interrupt a schedule based on priority, or synchronize 24/7 applications with your live event signage to capitalize on high foot-traffic times.
Searchable media library enables quick presentation creation or editing
Live Event Content Editing / /
Comprehensive Character Generator

Live editing of fields and elements

Broadcast-level font adjustment parameters

Ability to address all pixels in a display

Unique unlimited layering allows for multiple CG "pages"/layers to be shown at the same time