“We challenged ANC to re-imagine the fan experience and help us deliver stunning, new showcase elements as part of the Transformation project. They delivered in a big and unique way. The outcome has been spectacular and is a reflection of our long-standing partnership and mutual desire to push the boundaries of fan engagement and impact to another level.”

MIKE CONLEY | Senior Vice President & Chief Information Officer
Cleveland Cavaliers and Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse


Partners for more than 10 years, ANC and the Cleveland Cavaliers' Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse have teamed up again on their recent $185 million transformation - bringing to life the first-of-its-kind Power Portal, which immediately encompasses fans in 2,200 square feet of 2.6mm flexible LED panels and accompanying Soundscape technology.

ANC has previously designed two center-hung scoreboards and overall video display systems for the Cavaliers. More recently in 2015, ANC designed, installed and continues to operate one of the world’s largest center-hung scoreboards, still part of the new arena. The center-hung features four enormous HD video screens that are tilted and uniquely curved to provide optimal viewing angles for all fans whether they are seated in the front row on the floor, or in the upper level in Loudville. Additionally, ANC illuminated The Q is with more than 11,682 square feet of new LED displays throughout the seating bowl.

Center-Hung Sideline Displays:  6MM – 31.50’ H x 56.69’ W

Center-Hung Baseline Displays: 6MM – 29.92’ H x 33.07’ W

Arena Upper Corner Displays: 16MM – 12.08’ H x 50.0’ W

Lower Entry Vom Displays: 10MM – 2.36’ H x 7.87’ W

Lower Bowl Wide Vom Displays: 16MM – 2.50’ H x 8.33’ W

Lower Bowl Narrow Vom Displays: 16MM – 2.50’ H x 5.0’ W

Upper Vom Displays: 16MM – 2.50’ H x 5.0’ W

Lower Ribbon Displays: 16MM – 2.08’ H x 21.67’ W

Upper 360 Ribbon Display: 16MM – 2.08’ H x 1053.33’ W

Photo credit: Cleveland Cavaliers/Norm Trepal Photography