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It’s the Biggest, the Best and it has Flaming Sabers!

Quicken Loans Arena's New HD Humongotron and Audio/Visual System


Seeing the Cavs in action at The Q this season is BIG.  Actually, it’s a WHOLE LOT BIGGER when fans find themselves sitting in front of 5,550 total square feet of LED technology, aka, the largest HD scoreboard in any arena in the country! Quicken Loans Arena’s new center-hung scoreboard, the humongotron, armed with the fan-favorite flaming sabers, and its new audio/visual systems debuted at the Cavs home opener against the New York Knicks on Thursday, October 30th at 8:00 p.m. 

ANC Sports Enterprises, LLC created the next generation of arena entertainment that made the fan experience inside The Q unmatched by any other venue in the country. 

“Cavs, Monsters and Gladiators fans, and many other event attendees at The Q, are going to be blown away by the new sights and sounds of this system!” said Len Komoroski, Cavaliers and Quicken Loans Arena CEO. “These upgrades will deliver the most dynamic fan experience in all of sports and entertainment while also keeping Quicken Loans Arena a very marketable and relevant venue for our city in attracting new, high-profile events.” 

The new HD scoreboard and the related audio and video systems are part of Cuyahoga County and Gateway’s updates to Quicken Loans Arena and are at the core of how Cleveland can aggressively compete for events such as the 2016 Republican National Convention. As it has in the past, The Q will continue to be a key part of community-wide efforts to attract major national and international events to Cleveland, including a future NBA All-Star game and more NCAA tournament and championship events that bring millions of dollars into the city and region.

GIANT-SIZED. The four-sided, center-
hung scoreboard has four enormous HD video screens that are tilted and uniquely curved to provide optimal viewing angles for all fans whether they are seated in the front row on the floor, or in the upper level in Loudville.  The two sideline screens measure 31.50’ high x 56.69’ wide and feature greater-than-HD video. The two high-resolution baseline screens measure 29.92’ high x 33.07’ wide.

BRILLIANT. In addition to the new scoreboard, The Q is illuminated with a grand total of more than 11,682 square feet of new LED displays that have been installed in the arena’s seating bowl and concourses. This included updating the four corner boards and 360-degree fascia ribbon in the seating area and replacing traditional backlit signage on the concourses with high resolution LED technology. The new technology is synchronized through ANC’s vSOFT™ operating system to create an immersive experience for fans.

An all-new control system, for both the scoreboard and LED displays, was installed to allow full integration of live video, team and player statistics, social media information, fan messages, closed captioning of arena announcements, and more.

“Partners with The Q for more than a decade, we understood the facility wanted to set a new standard for live events with not only the largest center-hung displays, but also a functional system that fans can experience from every seat,” said Jerome Cifarelli, president and chief executive officer of ANC. “Our Quicken Loans Arena custom-designed video display system, combined with the power of our award-winning control system, will forever transform the arena atmosphere.”

The new sound system will provide fans with cutting-edge clarity that replicates touring concert technology. Features include advanced audio digital processing, six line array speaker clusters and additional speakers under the scoreboard. The sound system was designed and installed by Parsons Audio.

GOT IT COVERED.  In January 2015, The Q’s all-new state of the art HD video production control room will be up and running.  The system will feature a 6 ME Grass Valley video switcher, five cameras, including two wireless cameras for crowd interaction and contests, two Dyno six channel replay units, including super-slo options, and four scoreboard mounted robotic cameras to capture unique views of game action and additional crowd shots.  The scoreboard mounted cameras, the most in the NBA, will provide multiple views of critical plays for both fans and referees. This HD video production system was designed by Comprehensive Technical Group (CTG), one of the leading systems integrators in the country, in concert with the Cavaliers’ QTV Video Engineering Team.

“During the Cavs and Monsters seasons and for all events hosted at Quicken Loans Arena, these upgrades will help make the fan and event attendee experience nothing short of amazing.  What is on the horizon for our city is very exciting and all of Cleveland can be proud that The Q ranks as one of the best arenas in the country,” said Komoroski.

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