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Beginning with a ten-year partnership that was formed in 2012 with the Tennessee Titans, ANC Sports is spearheading the innovation of outdoor display systems.  Combining the company’s VisionSOFT operating system with the newest generation surface mount LED displays, ANC’s video displays create game presentations featuring the highest resolutions in the world.

“We are certainly making it our top priority to keep fans coming and have a great time and give them reason to come to LP Field as opposed to staying at home and watching it on high-definition television," Titans executive vice president Don MacLachlan told the Associated Press during the 2012 NFL season.

At the time of the installation, LP Field’s 16mm SMD video screens were the largest in any end zone in the world and the largest outdoor deployment of a surface mount video screen. The video screens were surpassed by ANC’s installation of a 16mm SMD Panasonic display at Safeco Field in March, 2013 which measures 56-feet high by 201-feet wide display and features the most pixels in an outdoor stadium setting.

“Our main objective was to enhance the fan experience at Safeco Field by producing a dynamic, interactive HD presentation,” said Kevin Martinez, vice president of marketing, Seattle Mariners in a press release.

While ANC was integrating the system in Seattle, the company was also deployed two hexagonal 10mm SMD video screens at Dodger Stadium.  These 10mm surface mount displays feature the most pixels per square foot in Major League Baseball.

"It was no small feat," Stan Kasten, Dodgers president and chief executive officer told MLB.com. "We have, I think, enhanced the experience for fans on every level of this park. We have made it more fun for kids. We have brought some history into the ballpark."

While the outdoor surface mount technology creates the opportunity for these displays to feature actual physical pixels, ANC’s VisionSOFT is the only operating system capable of displaying greater-than-HD resolutions without scaling the content on these displays.

“ANC was truly in unchartered territory leading up to Opening Day and they were able to meet our fans’ expectations,” added Martinez.  “ANC’s VisionSOFT was up to the challenge and delivers the highest-quality visuals while seamlessly integrating all of our displays to create a unique game day experience for our fans.”

Driven by ANC's VisionSOFT, the Mariners new display features a pixel for pixel crispness across a physical resolution of 1080p x 3840p which is unique to any video screen in the world.  The innovative operating system enables all of its displays to dissolve one stream into another, creating a seamless transition while playing back two 1080p high-definition visuals at the same time.

Video screens utilizing surface mount technology utilize physical pixels compared to special processing to achieve high-definition quality. These physical pixels create the ability to feature higher resolutions to improve clarity while also featuring exceptional viewing angles. By not employing image scaling to drive greater-than-HD displays in 1:1 resolution, VisionSOFT maximizes the benefits of the new surface mount technology better than any other control system in sports.
 “I truly believe we are only at the beginning of delivering a fan experience unlike any other through unprecedented resolutions, such as 4K, on massive video screens with more pixels that are closer together than ever before,” said Mark Stross, ANC’s chief technology officer.



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