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Red Sox Unveil New HD Displays

Red Sox Unveil New HD Video Screens On Opening Day

(Purchase, NY - April 12 2011) - ANC Sports, Mitsubishi Electric Diamond Vision and the Boston Red Sox were at Fenway Park on Friday, April 8th, for the unveiling of the new high-definition video system prior to the first pitch of the 2011 Red Sox home opener.

The video system is a highlight of the work done in the 2010-11 off-season at America’s Most Beloved Ballpark.  The 2011 effort fulfilled a pledge made by Red Sox ownership upon acquisition of the club, and reaffirmed in 2005, to improve every facet of the ballpark, while preserving and protecting it for future generations. The improvements completed at Fenway Park over the past 10 years have been designed to ensure that the park will remain the active home of the Boston Red Sox, for the decades to come.

When the ballpark opened on April 8th, the video system mimicked the look of the old signage at Fenway Park. The video system unveiling included a ceremonial "breaking of the screens" in which all three video screens were theatrically "broken", revealing their high-tech capabilities.


The Red Sox collaborated in the unveiling ceremony with the Boston-based visual effects company, Zero VFX. View the animation of the old Fenway Park signage "breaking" into a high-definition video system.



Facing the challenge of incorporating the new technology into the historic ballpark, ANC successfully enhanced the fan environment while preserving the traditional atmosphere at Fenway.

"The signs are tasteful, too" said Boston’s Mayor Thomas M. Menino in an interview with Boston.com. "They're not gaudy."

Driven by ANC's patent-pending VisionSOFT operating system, the new displays will feature more content than ever before available at the ballpark, including any number of formats such as full-screen live video, game action accompanied by real-time statistics, sponsor graphics partnered with the box scores or any combination of visuals and game information.

The Red Sox officially unveiled the new displays during Opening Day ceremonies on April 8, 2011. (Click to view larger image)

"We have some of the most knowledgeable fans in the game. Consistent with our commitment to provide them with the best possible ballpark experience, we looked for videoboard solutions that could provide in-depth analysis, real-time statistics and other game data," said Jonathan Gilula, Red Sox Executive Vice President/Business Operations. "We are pleased with the way VisionSOFT delivers information to our fans through state-of-the-art displays while providing a traditional baseball visual." 

Fenway Park will also become one of the first venues to feature VisionSOFT's integration of ScorePAD, which ANC purchased during the offseason. Originally designed for use in the broadcast market, the ScorePAD source code provides the same advanced real-time and situational statistics seen on television, such as pitch speed and type, batter vs. pitcher data, historical information, among countless analysis.

The statistics, live video, replays and other event information will be displayed on Mitsubishi Electric's Diamond Vision exclusive X8 display technology and HD Dot Mode Processing©. This technology will provide Red Sox nation with vibrant high-definition images across 8mm lines of resolution.

About ANC Sports

ANC Sports Enterprises, LLC, is the industry leader in team and venue services, providing integrated signage, design, and marketing solutions for sports and commercial facilities. ANC Sports and its divisions: ANC Technologies, ANC Design, and ANC Marketing, offer Light Emitting Diode (LED), rotational and fixed visual displays; advanced media control systems; signage operation and maintenance; advertising sales and marketing consultation; graphic design; and printing production. ANC Sports provides signage solutions for 200 plus venues/stadiums in North America. For more information on ANC Sports, please visit its web site at www.ancsports.com.



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