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Venue Services

Originally focusing on deploying dynamic sports signage systems, today ANC uses its unprecedented knowledge of the LED industry to install integrated displays for stadiums, arenas, casinos, transportation hubs, hotels, entertainment districts and retail environments.

Over the past 15 years, ANC has worked with most of the prominent LED manufacturers in the industry, providing a unique understanding of the benefits of all hardware applications. ANC uses strong industry relationships and expert knowledge of the industry to bring venues the highest quality displays featuring LED components from top suppliers, such as Nichia & Cree at affordable prices.

ANC works in tandem with facility operators and signage owners to create a solution which will most directly meet its objectives. The company uses the most advanced LED, DLP®, LCD and Plasma technologies powered by the company’s patent-pending software to provide its partners with the highest quality visuals in the retail, entertainment and transportation environments. ANC specializes in creating a dynamic consumer environment through digital signage which maximizes our partners’ revenue through advertising inventory and point of sale promotion. 



  • LED Display Design             
  • Display Housing Design
  • Power Requirements                 
  • Control Room Design
  • Structural Capabilities               
  • Content Creation & Integration
  • Display Engineering                  
  • LED Testing, Monitoring, Quality Assurance
  • Control Systems                       
  • Full Venue Technology Integration
  • Post Installation Services           
  • Ongoing Operation & Maintenance


Latest Technologies


The Horseshoe Casino features  new outdoor surface mount LED technology. The three individual diodes that make up each pixel are provided on a single chip vs. the traditional use of three individual lamps. This is the latest revolution in outdoor LED technology allowing the image to resolve to the eye much quicker and offering unprecedented viewing angles.